PU Insulation Panel

Polyurethane is the best and most commonly used thermal insulation material on the market. After many years of market domination by older materials, such as mineral wool or EPS, today they are being replaced by better equivalents in the residential construction market, in the form of panels made of hard polyurethane foam.

They are widely used in many field such as : industrial building, steel frame structure building, warehouses, commercial warehouse, cold storage in food industries…

We’re dedicated to maximising construction efficiency while delivering superior lifetime performance and with complete building envelope solutions underpinned by industry-leading warranties by producing PU insulation panel.

Custom made just for you

Panels are custom made to meet customer requirements by using quality rigid polyurethane foam and bonded with either:

– Bluescope Color Coated Steel (specifically designed for sandwich panel applications).

– Stainless steel

and to choose either Flat surface panel or Vertical surface panel. Thickness of panels are also varied (from 50mm to 200mm) to meet customer’s requirement and specification.

Saving costs

Our technical designing team is always ready to help you calculate the most effective solution to choose suitable design and panel thickness in order to save energy cost, save construction and maintenance cost, provide durability and long life.

Using PU panel to build up a big cold storage could save you a lot of money and time. Our panel comes with smart design to connect these panel together in the fastest and most secure way.


Rapid production

With modern production line from Europe and Japan, high quality material TST insulation panel comes with light weight – easy to transported anywhere they are needed, high standard of thermal insulation and easy installation. All panel is made at our factory, it can be rapidly and on demand in the required quantity and length

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