Glazing Machine

Does your product require full, stable and precise glazing rates? TST’s dipping and spraying glazers carefully add a smooth layer of chilled water to your products. Our Automatic Control Panel lets you control your glazing rates meticulously. With their unequalled, prominent features, our glazers are revolutionary within the seafood processing industry. Latest TST glazers reduce water and power consumption for your glazing process in a stunning way.

Thicker Glazing for Higher Product Value

To protect your frozen food products for quality loss during long term freezing , our glazers add a equal layer of water with a custom specific and adjustable rate. Through TST’s refined glazing technique, our glazers realize a glazing ratio depend on your product requirement. Equipped with a mesh belt that imported from Europe, our glazers can process between 1200 and 1500 kilograms per hour, depending on your product’s specific requirements.

Maximum Output, Minimal Power Usage

TST glazers are designed for maximum output at minimal power usage. Our glazers can handle a broad variety of individual products, such as shrimp, fish fillet, squid, seafood… Like all TST products, they are fully compatible with the central control panel, through which your staff can intuitively operate your entire facility. With our precise glazing technique, in combination with a hardening conveyor, we make sure your products do not stick together.

Through our years of freezing experience, we have a good grasp on what glazer best fits your specific needs. Our dedicated team of advisors would be delighted to help you determine the best glazing parameters, and the type of belt you need. Do not hesitate to contact us for your specific glazing needs.