Contact Freezer

Are you looking for the highest hygiene standard and quickest freezing times in contact plate freezing? TST’s horizontal plate freezers ensure rapid freezing from top and bottom, by evenly pressing your individual food units between two aluminum contact plates, quickly and evenly reducing temperatures throughout the product. 

Flexible, smart design

With an adjustable height range between 45 and 95 mm, the thick contact plates make optimal contact in the complete height range. In combination with the thick homogeneous insulation panels, the freezing process is extremely efficient.

New Stainless-Steel Sheet Assembly Standard

For our contact plate freezers, TST has developed a new assembly standard. By using a patented industrial glue instead of rivets, our overlapping stainless-steel sheets bond tightly with the high-density polyurethane foam layers. The result is a durable, securely water-tight freezing chamber, without rust, corrosion, or thermal loss as a result from intensive cleaning. Even in the long term. Its hot gas defrosting functionality helps you unfreeze your products faster than ever before, thereby effectively maximizing your efficiency.

Reduced risk of corrosion, higher standard of hygiene

TST’s contact plate freezers provide extreme insulation, and low risk of leakage and corrosion. Our contact plate freezer cabinets feature stainless-steel plates with extremely dense polyurethane layers of insulation glued to them. This reduces the need for rivets, minimizing the risk of long-term decay and corrosion at the joints. By overlapping, the steel sheets eliminate the flow of corrosive fluids. Your facility will look as fresh as your products

Are you looking for higher standards of hygiene, less corrosion, and increased flexibility for your contact plate freezer? If you want more information on our contact plate freezers, or our world of possibilities in general, do not hesitate, and contact us today.