With more than 20 years of experience working in the industrial refrigeration system industry with a team of professional engineers and designers, TST Company Limited is proud to bring suitable products and services. meeting the needs of each different customer in many fields such as seafood, cold storage, food processing, pharmaceutical ….

With continuous innovation and creativity, TST believes that customer satisfaction and peace of mind are the driving force and greatest achievement, helping us to maintain our position in the volatile competitive market.



20 Year






Core value

Human values : People are the biggest asset of TST, our remuneration policy is always aimed at creating motivation for employees to maximize their ability.

Customers: Always take customer as the center of TST’s value chain. In addition to the best quality products, TST also offers optimal customer care services from consulting, purchasing, product installation to transfer training and warranty.

Social: We prefer “social” as a guideline for sustainable development, that means constantly researching and developing products to serve practical needs to improve competitiveness for businesses and bring wealth to society

Culture: Taking the value of Solidarity – Discipline as a measure for the behavior between people.


TST Co., Ltd commits to provide customers with products and solutions to increase efficiency and save investment costs for customers.

All staffs of TST Company constantly improve their skills, knowledges and maintain the Quality Management System – ISO 9001: 2015 in order to provide customers with the highest satisfaction when using our products and services.


“Excellent technical quality and investment efficiency”. Our development is tied to customer’s business. The quality of TST projects and products is guaranteed based on:

  • Professional design always meets the requirements of customers, brings high efficiency in investment, saves power and easy operation.

  • Modern technology at reasonable cost thanks to our reputable and longtime supplier system, ensuring quality to the smallest details.

  • Modern machinery and equipment imported from Europe, Japan, and Korea are used both in the production and installation process to ensure product accuracy, ensure equipment and product durability and longevity.

  • Each product, before reaching the hands of the customer, must undergo a rigorous selection and quality assessment process.

  • Construction team is seasoned with experience, trained, regularly improve skills, stabilize the quality of project construction.


  • ISO Certificate 9001:2015 many years in a row
  • Safety Certificate from Medochemie
  • Best Quality Service Award from Lotte Sea
  • Other awards from clients