IQF Thermal Jack Mesh Belt Freezers

Are you looking for quicker freezing for your single or multi-packed shrimp, clams, fruits, or vegetables? Whether it’s vacuum-sealed, in cardboard boxes, or Polystyrene trays, TST’s durable mesh belts make sure your products are rapidly frozen, and helping you achieve quicker production times. Your efficiency increases, allowing you to maximize your profits.

Mesh Belt Freezers: Customized to Your Needs

Depending on the size and nature of your individual products, our IQF Thermal Jack Mesh Belt Freezers may be equipped with belts imported from Europe. Combined with our special Impingement Thermal-Jet method with extreme high air flow velocities for optimum heat transfer, the air flow can pass through freely, thereby strongly reducing your freezing time and increasing its effectiveness. The result is higher overall output in the same time frame. If you are looking for maximum efficiency, TST Mesh Belt Freezer is your best option.

Equal Frozen with a stable core temperature

The clever lay-out of our mesh belt tunnel freezers ensures all your products are frozen equally across the belt. As TST’s improved freezing technology ensures the quickest freezing, you can rest assured your product batches come off the belt with a steady core temperature. The complete line will be synchronously controlled based on that.

Less Defrosting and Better Air Flow

TST’s IQF Thermal Jack Mesh Belt Freezers have been designed for accessibility. Their logical lay-out accommodates longer operation, quicker freezing, and easier cleaning. The tunnel set-up ensures aerodynamic air flow. Air pressure equalizers cater for a steady atmosphere in the freezer. This reduces the need for defrosting, allowing you to operate at longer intervals, and increase your output significantly.

Are you interested in the possibilities, or do you want to know more about our special features? Or are you just curious about the various applications of TST products? Our dedicated team of professionals is eager to tell you more. Please contact us for a noncommittal quotation, or for more information.