Fluidized IQF Processing Line

 We – TST offers a completion IQF processing line from Cooling machine to Fluidized IQF to customers
who want to grow their business.
– TST is the only one responsible for the entire line.
– Significant labor saving with a highly automated line.
– The standard design is based on 1,000 kg/h.
– Harmonized sizes of each piece of equipment based on the customer’s required capacity.

Feature and benefit

IQF track freezing zone: When a wide range of products need to be frozen, the IQF Track is the choice of freezing zone for greatest flexibility. The IQF Track creates a freezing process, consisting of freezing in two zones. In the first zone the food products are surface frozen and separated from each other, while the second zone takes care of the final deep freezing. The system with a separate first zone, makes it in particular suited for the delicate, sensitive, hard to handle and sticky products. The first zone is equipped with both agitation and pulsation as standard. These two features are crucial for IQF products that are difficult to separate. The second zone can optionally be supplied with pulsation.

Air circulation: The freezer is designed so that the air circulation has a naturally guided airflow to achieve both maximize run time between water defrosts as well as maximum individual freezing of the products. The airflow varies in intensity in order to handle all from light weight to normal weight products on a fluidized product bed.

Adjustable airflow for premium product

Due to the high-performance fans fitted with frequency converters, the airflow can be adjusted for each freezing zone to achieve best energy efficiency and optimal airflow for different product types. Without needing more than 75% – 85% fan speed, for some light product the speed does not exceed 30%, considerable energy savings are achieved. The TST custom-made axial vane fans have been carefully designed to work together with the belt and body. Also, by investing in a smaller compressor, the TST Fluidized IQF has less heat to cool down and thus the fans consume even less energy.

Natural Appearance

Optimal airflow and the unique exchangeable bedplates of the Fluidized IQF freezer ensure gentle handling and good separation of the products, in all stages of the freezing process, even with extremely sensitive products. The end result is a premium product with a natural appearance.

Energy Efficiency

Using the TST Individual Quick Freezing technology, the total energy savings are substantial, due to the frequency converters installed on each fan. This means that the food processor can adjust the speed of the fans based on the type of the product frozen. Furthermore, this setup requires less refrigeration in order to cool down the heat produced by the fans. The total energy savings can reach up to 20 – 30%.

High Yield 

Complex and optimal aerodynamics that can be achieved in the TST IQF reduce the dehydration of the IQF products and prevent snow formation in the freezer. Lower product dehydration translates into higher profitability for the food processor. Furthermore, the products will maintain their natural volume, shape, and color to be sold at a premium price.

Food Safety

The TST Fluidized IQF is designed as an easily accessible monoblock unit, with rounded corners and sloping surfaces. The bedplates can be exchanged with ease for efficient cleaning, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination between different product batches. 

Are you looking for reliable and durable freezing equipment that helps you increase hygiene standards, and reduce overall costs? Our Fluidized IQF is your best choice. Look over our catalogue or contact us for a quotation, or for more information.