To harden your glazing layer and secure the exact required core temperature of your frozen seafood products before storage, TST’s re-freezers are an essential addition to your line. After initial freezing and adding the valuable glazing layer, TST’s re-freezers use the impingement freezing technique to quickly harden your product.

TST’s re-freezers are typically built for efficiency, aimed at low power consumption, easy cleaning access, and uninterrupted operation of more than 20 hours.

Improve Hygiene with TST’s Re-Freezer

One of TST’s key design focus points is hygiene. We want to make sure you can offer your clients the cleanest and freshest wares. Our re-freezers have been designed for easy access, with two parallel aisles offering full reach throughout the unit. Easy cleaning means less time and money spent on detergents and difficult corners, higher levels of overall hygiene, and quicker production resumption. TST’s re-freezers help you produce more.

Less Defrosting, Higher Efficiency

By using the impingement refreezing technique, TST’s various refreeze models typically manage quantities between 600 and 1500 kg per hour, depending on your product type and its requirements. Their simple, tunnel-like structure and smart air pressure equalisers facilitate a steady air flow, reducing the need to defrost to an unequalled once every 20 hours. You can have longer production intervals, and a higher overall output. And due to its low power consumption, you spend less on operational costs. Increase your efficiency, choose a TST re-freezer.

Our professional service employees can help you set up your new re-freezer for maximum efficiency. Improve your freezing line and your staff’s efficiency by switching to TST’s intuitively operable products. Increase your production output, reduce your defrosting downtime, and adopt the TST hygiene standard.