Clean Room Panel

We not only offer a complete cleanroom systems that can be adapted to a variety of standard and requirement but also supply the product has excellent performance, factory prefabrication, fast and easy on-site installation. Each cleanroom system is designed for different environments, ensure it can archive the highest standard such as GMP Japan, GMP Europe…

Design as your own idea

According to different environments, fireproof, heat preservation, noise reduction, moisture proof, etc., different designs are selected to adapt to different clean room requirements.

Cleanroom wall panels materials are carefully selected from production to installation to ensure final project can archive clean room standard.

TST cleanroom widely used in cleaning hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories…

High standard doors and accessories

Doors are designed with various option from manual to automatic, swing door to sliding door.

It has good performance, flat ,high structural strength, corrosion resistance, no dust, easy to clean.

Our cleanroom glass window integrated structure design, perfect combination with cleanroom panels, good sealing performance. Glass window is made with re-enforce glass double layers with inert gas to make sure anti-dust, insulation, moisture resistance function.

Clean room accessories are aluminum profile which is selected carefully. This material ensures archiving the most difficult standard of clean room, prevent dust to stay and mold formation. 

Unique hidden ceiling hanging system allows maintenance staff to walk on it stably and create a beauty look of clean room system.

Our team of professional engineers never stop learning and adopt new technique over the world to make sure we can archive any standard.


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