IQF Steel Belt Freezers

Our IQF Thermal Jack Steel Belt Freezer helps you guarantee absolute freshness, and delivers the most visually appealing product. It facilitates rapid processing of individual products like: shrimp, fish fillet, butterfly fish, whole fish, squid and various types value-added products, all without a conveyor footprint. With our IQF Thermal Jack Steel Belt Freezer, you can offer your clients nothing but the best, in the most appealing way.

Natural Appearance

The optimal airflow and the unique exchangeable bedplates of the TST IQF Thermal Jack Steel Belt Freezer ensure the gentle handling and good separation of the products, in all stages of the freezing process, even with extremely sensitive products. The end result is a premium product with a natural appearance.

Footprint-free, Rapid Freezing with IQF Thermal Jack Steel Belt Freezer

If you want your frozen products to look as natural as possible and minimize weight loss, TST IQF is your best choice. We have set a new industry standard for freezing times, hygiene, and operational ease. Our improved freezing technique provides the fastest freezing, so you can offer your clients the best quality and physical appearance. Our stainless-steel belts ensure your products look natural, without the prints of standard conveyor belt links.

High Yield

The complex and optimal aerodynamics that can be achieved in the TST IQF Freezer reduces the dehydration of the IQF products and prevent snow formation in the freezer. Lower product dehydration translates into higher profitability for the food processor. Furthermore, the products will maintain their natural volume, shape, and color to be sold at a premium price.

Maximum hygiene and Lower Costs with TST Freezing Lines

At TST, we understand that hygiene is key to offering the freshest wares. As an industry professional of frozen foods, you want to be certain you offer the highest quality at zero risk of contamination. The air pressure equalizers in our tunnel freezers cater for a steady atmosphere. This reduces the need for defrosting, so you can run longer production intervals, and increase your output significantly. Additionally, TST’s freezers are designed for maximum accessibility. Even the most difficult corners are easy to reach and clean, which helps you save on cleaning time and detergents.


Are you looking for reliable and durable freezing equipment that does not leave a print, helps you increase hygiene standards, and reduce overall costs? Our Steel Belt Freezer is your best choice. Please contact us for a noncommittal quotation, or for more information.