Air Blast Freezer

Our Q- ABF (quick – air blast freezers) can rapidly freeze your product to your required core temperature. Our supremely insulated air blast cabinets are constructed with stainless-steel plates, insulated with excellent homogenous polyurethane foam. This ensures durable and airtight freezing chambers, and eliminating thermal loss.

Customisable Capacity through Modular Air Blast Freezer

Our modular air blast freezer units can be combined and sequenced endlessly, to meet your capacity needs and product requirements. This is ideal for when you typically handle varying batch sizes. Simply stack your products on the sandwich panel shelves, and place them in front of the Quick Air Blast freezing fans. The tightly sealed doors prevent air leakage and temperature loss. Your products’ core temperatures drop rapidly, saving time and energy per kg/frozen-product. The sealed cabinet floor prevents water absorption, ensuring a steady temperature throughout.

TST Quick Air Blast Freezer: Easy cleaning access for highest hygienic standards

As with all TST products, our Quick Air Blast Freezers have been designed for easy access, so you can guarantee the highest forms of hygiene. Its man-sized interior allows for convenient cleaning. Your personnel will not miss a single corner. Our special glued wall panels ensure a tight bond between the insulation and stainless-steel plates, providing long-term adhesion, and preventing hidden tears and pockets of contamination.

Consistent Freezing Quality with TST Quick Air Blast Freezer

TST’s Quick Airblast Freezers provide equal distribution of chilled air throughout the cabinets, helping you offer your clients consistent quality. No matter in what part of the freezer you store your products. Our units are available with either 16 or 21 shelves, allowing you to vary based on the individual size of your products. Adapt your freezing capacity to your needs.

Are you interested in all the technical details of our Quick Air Blast Freezers? Would you like to increase your freezing capacity while drastically reducing your freezing costs per product? Contact us for your customised Quick Air Blast Freezer plan.